Vitamin C Gives Less Pain Suffering from Arthrosis in Hip and Knee Joint

June 16, 2003

This is the conclusion of a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled, cross-over multi praxis study with 133 people with X-ray verified symptomatic arthrosis in hip and knee joint.

All in all 94 knee joints and 39 hip joints were evaluated. The participants were treated with one gram of calcium ascorbate or placebo two times daily for 14 days.

A significantly better pain relief were found in the persons having arthrosis in the hip or knee joints taking calcium the ascorbate treatment than in those taking placebo.

The study was started, because many users of Vitamin C have experienced that calcium ascorbate has reduced their arthrosis pain.

Arthrosis is one of the most common reasons for disability in hips and knees. Approximately 6% of the 65 year olds Danes are suffering from arthrosis in one or two hip joints, which may lead to more than 4,000 yearly operations in total.

The pain relief effect of Vitamin C in arthrosis is explained by lessened oxidative stress as followed by the antioxidant function of the Vitamin C.

By: Per Tork Larsen, MD

Jensen, Niels H.P. Hertz, Ugeskr Laeger 2003;165:2563-6.