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At the time the Vitality Council was founded in order to give the Danish population a response to the then one-sided misinformation to ensure a balance in the information according to the purpose of the Vitality Council.
The Vitality Council has – like Holger Danske (a Danish counterpart to King Arthur) – slept with one eye open for several years, as there has been no significant misinformation regarding vitamins.

But in these fake-news times, it has become fashionable to over-interpret rather weak scientific results and get things out of proportion in the media and intimidate the population on a wrong basis.

So now we have woken up.

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The Vitality Council

  • is of the opinion that it is in the interest of the public to have free access to safe food supplements and correct and documented information about supplementation
  • provides information for the public regarding vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and natural medicine and their effect on the health of the Danish people.
  • provides service to the general public, health personnel and authorities.
  • focuses on documented research to provide a well-balanced public debate in the area of vitality and health.

Note: The English section is under construction

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