About the Vitality Council

Introduction to the Vitality Council
There is an increasing amount of new scientific research that describes the mechanisms and effects of vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and natural medicine. At the same time there is a great amount of confusion and uncertainty in the debate in the general public concerning many of these scientific claims.

It would therefore be of benefit to the public debate, with a new professional council that could increase the focus in this area. This is the reason the Vitality Council has been created.

The purpose of the Vitality Council is to provide Danish citizens information regarding vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and natural medicine and their effect on the health of the Danish people.

The Vitality Council provides service to the general public, health personnel, and authorities.

The Vitality Council focuses on documented research to provide a well-balanced public debate in the area of vitality and health.

The initiators behind the Vitality Council are the Danish Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (DSOM) and serious Danish producers and distributors of vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and natural medicine. The latter once founded a support committee for the Vitality Council and financed the expenses of the council during the first three years of its existence.

What to expect from the Vitality Council
The Vitality Council gathers and presents scientific research regarding the functions of nutrients and natural medicines.

The Vitality Council informs the relevant target groups – consumers, health personnel and health authorities.

The Vitality Council aims for a constructive all around unbiased public debate on vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and natural medicine’s importance for the health of Danish citizens.

The Vitality Council exclusively handles questions regarding substances as a generic common group and does not inform about specific brands.

Neither can the Vitality Council give individual advice.

Currently, we do not send out English-language newsletters!

What will our readers gain from the work of the Vitality Council?
Precise and timely information about new international research results that can benefit public health.

Less confusion and more clarity about benefits and harm using vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and natural medicines.

A more well balanced public debate regarding nutrition, health and treatment modalities with natural medicine.

The configuration of the Vitality Council
The Vitality Council was originally appointed by a support committee, but is now an independent entity of itself.

Current members:

Specialist in general medicine Claus Hancke: Chairman and Editor-in-Chief
General Practitioner: Katrine Flindt
Cand.scient. in biology: Klaus Sall
Specialist in general medicine: Carsten Vagn-Hansen
Cand.scient. in human nutrition: Charlotte Gylling Mortensen
Cand.pharm. Nutritional Therapist: Mia Damhus
Specialist in Medical Gastroenterology, Margarita Elkjær ph.d.

Support for the Vitality Council
The Vitality Council is a registered company. CVR: 41809612.
The Vitality Council is completely independent and can be supported by anyone who wants to.
Both companies, organizations and individuals who think the Vitality Council is worth supporting are welcome to send a donation.

Bank: Danske Bank: Registration no: 9570. Account no: 13139113.
IBAN: DK7630000013139113.  BIC (Swift): DABADKKK