Antioxidants Halve The Damage Of Brain Hemorrhage

October 6, 2005

Countless animal studies have shown that the brain injury following a brain hemorrhage can be reduced dramatically with antioxidants. Several clinical human studies are now being conducted.
Next to heart disease and cancer, brain hemorrhage is the most common cause of death in Western countries. Among those who survive, many will face severe difficulties in the years ahead with chronic brain injuries and paralysis. But more and more people will experience a brain hemorrhage because of an increasing number of old people.

Can this gloomy perspective be mitigated? Numerous trials have shown that antioxidants can both prevent brain hemorrhage and reduce subsequent brain injury if the accident nevertheless occurs. This fascinating topic has just been elucidated in a robust overview of researchers from the pharmacological laboratory at the Rene Descartes University in Paris.


By: Vitality Council

Isabelle Margaill et al. Antioxidant strategies in the treatment of stroke. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 2005;39:429-43.